5/22 The Chromosome Wars

The Chromosome Wars begin!

We leave the individual leaderboards behind in favor of a new season. Blue Team : Men VS Red Team : Women. This Friday Red team went up 1-0 vs Blue. Most of this video is a showcase of the devastation they wrought.


Weekly update: May the 4th stick you.

Welcome to the week in review!
This week bonus points were awarded for incineration medals in Halo 3 and for Sticky grenade kill medals in Halo Reach. There was a liberal distribution of flame grenades and flamethrowers on Friday night’s Halo 3 event. Plasma grenades were also distributed frequently in Halo Reach.

I personally made it my goal to burn everyone and everything on Friday night. This allowed me to gain 45 tournament points, by far the largest point gain in a single event to date. With that in mind, I warned everyone that with Sunday’s Sticky grenade bonus, I would not be responsible if I was the only one trying to run up the score, which I did with an over 200 points. Now the standing look ridiculous! I will turn to voting for the next bonus point rewards. Come to the top of the standings hill, I dare you!

Halo 3 Carnage Reports and Gallery

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Reach Carnage Reports

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Here is the highlight video from the last week of April. Visit Club Solitude!

Coming up. Bonus awards subject to change.
Coming up. Bonus awards subject to change.

This week during the Quarantine Wars:

We completed Friday Night Frags and Meat Shield Sunday with the results posted above. Nadia got a whopping 35 points from winning matches and having a low K/D ratio.

4/20/2020 Leader Board
Coming up this weekend!
Coming up this weekend, Halo 3 and Last Man Standing bonus points!

Friday Night 4/17 9:15pm

Listen, you’re busy, I’m busy, everybody is busy.
But this Friday night, if you don’t show up at 9:15 for Halo Reach, you make me sick. So keep me healthy and join the fragging Friday. It’s fun, for crying out loud! DO YOU HEAR ME? FUN!!!

VK Quarantine Wars

Practice your social distancing.

In the year 2020, the Earth was under severe attack from the mysterious Corono Virus, COVID19. COVID virus covered the Earth in deadly contagion. And, in one Months time, Earth was made unlivable. In an attempt to entertain those living in underground cities, Xbox 360s and Halo games were offered to the people. Can they play 149,000 matches in just one Earth year?

Hammers & Flames – VK22

This winter we are holding a festival of events! The theme is Hammers and Flames.
We have scheduled three sessions of Worlds of Wonder, our irregular table top rpg playing game, featuring Pathfinder, IDC Rpg, and Dungeon World.

Plus Virtual Kumite 22 on 1/1/2020. This will feature Halo Reach and other old school fighting games with an emphasis on Juggernauts, gravity hammers, Rock, and anything flammable. Entry fee is 1 Burger King crown, home of things that are cooked by flame.

Teams will be random with the losing team selecting a player from the winning team to join them. That player will then wear a crown and shall pass it to the next person taken. The person wearing the crown may not be selected to switch teams.

Brackets for single events:

Results for VK21

I thought this game was a lot of fun. I always enjoy hollering and cheering during matches! The teams were evenly split, 6 vs 6. The Warthogs, blue team, was made up of players with parenting experience, while the red team, The Banshees, had none. Blue team took an early lead, sweeping the first round of the Mortal Kombat 3 event. They were also dominating Soul Calibur and Street Fighter. Nadia persevered for The Banshees and made it to the finals in two of those events. The Warthogs began to lose ground when the Smash Brothers event started. Jonah was the only Hog to make it to the finals. The Banshees then dominated the Halo events and eventually went on to win on a technicality. Total team scores were tallied via tokens earned during each event, 1 per win with extras awarded for achieving specific randomized tasks. The winner was clearly The Warthogs when the jar of their tokens weighed in at 260 grams, The Banshee’s jar was in the 180 gram range. However, upon counting the had scored 40 plus tokens vs the Warthog’s 29. Clearly there is some controversy here, but The Warthogs, again having parenting experience, conceded to The Banshees.

Tournament Winners: The Banshees

Mortal Kombat (Ultimate 3) – 1st Brady “Bleeding Eyes” 2nd – Janel “Lady Cake Ninja”

Street Fighter IV – 1st Nadia “the dragon” – 2nd Cruz “Omaha”

Soul Calibur – 1st Cruz “Omaha” – 2nd Nadia “the dragon

Smash Brothers – 1st Nadia “the Dragon” – 2nd Liam “Sloth King”


Welcome to the New Thunder Dome! Which isn’t really a dome at all, it’s kind of a basement. Here is the agenda!

Warm up play: Mortal Kombat(s), Smash Brothers(‘), Soul Calibur(s), Halo(s), eating(s)
Round 1: Halo, Red Team vs Blue Team – 3 matches
Round 2: Fighting game brackets and eating
Round 3: Halo RvB – 3 matches
Round 4: Fighting game finals, eating
Round 5: Halo RvB and Elimination Final

The brackets for our fighting games can be viewed here:

VK21 tweaking

I am always thinking about how to make out tournaments more interesting, fresher, better! As a consequence, I am continually changing the rules and format up until game day.

Behold! My latest vision!
ROUND 1 – Halo 1 matches
ROUND 2 – Fighting games (Soul Calibur, Street Fighter, Smash Bros., etc…)/food break
ROUND 3 – Halo 2 matches
ROUND 4 – Fighting games/food break
ROUND 5 – Halo 3 matches

Each match you win still gets you a token towards your team’s total score.

How would you like some links for the move list on games?
Street Fighter II iterations
Super Street Fighter IV (A-G) (H-Z)
Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Soul Calibur II
Soul Calibur IV
Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3
We will have guide books available during the event!

Virtual Kumite 21 approaches

Halo: The Master Chief Collection
We did some testing with three Xbox One consoles and five players. We were using the new LAN network option and the Heimdahl 10/100 switch.
We experienced issues with the Hydra console being slow to get started, however, after that it was smooth sailing. Halo CE, Halo 2, Halo 2 Anniversary, Halo 3, and Halo 4 all played well, the party stayed together.

The age cut off for the veteran players vs the rookie players is being considered. Attempting to benchmark our player abilities during testing, it is still clear IVAN003 is a scale tipper. I am thinking about instituting a “Capture the Player” system. The losing team getting to draft a player from the winning team to be forced to play for them.


  • The Master Chief Collection: Rotating maps and game types of Halo 1,2,2a,3,and 4. Veterans vs Rookies, “capture the player” in effect.
  • Halo 3 – Valhalla Infinite: Infinite time and score. Veterans vs Rookies. There will be 4-8 active gamertags per team. Any number of players may participate per team, but all gamertags are to remain active. The goal is to achieve the highest total score for your team to be tallied at the end of the night.
  • Street Fighter: Veterans vs Rookies. Any player may request a match against the other team. The opposing team must send a player to take the challenge, if no one volunteers, the player requesting a match selects their opponent from the other team. The player forced to play may only be forced to play once. If all players have been selected, then only volunteers need play.
  • Soul Calibur: Veterans vs Rookies. Any player may request a match against the other team. The opposing team must send a player to take the challenge, if no one volunteers, the player requesting a match selects their opponent from the other team. The player forced to play may only be forced to play once. If all players have been selected, then only volunteers need play.

There will be an allotment of “Tokens” available. For each win, everyone on the winning team takes a token, even if they are a captured player. Tokens may be collected in a team coffer. A captured player must place their token in their original team’s coffer. Valhalla Infinite will contribute a number of tokens equal to the difference in kills count at the end of the Kumite.

Virtual Kumite 21

Greetings Halo Players!

It’s time to start thinking about Virtual Kumite 21.
Blue team will consist of the over 30 year olds
Red team the under 30s.

Saturday November 3rd.
The format is always subject to change, but we usually start off with innovation!
This year I propose two setups.
Station 1 – 4 v 4, infinite marathon game. This game will start earlier for the diehard players.
The object of the game will be to run up the score. Blue Team vs Red Team.
This will be one game type on one map. We might change it up every 30-60 minutes, but keep the score tallied on a board.

Station 2 – ? v ?
This will have the classic rotating games and game types, still young vs old.

We have the ability to have everyone play at the same time all night. But maybe that is not a good thing.
Some people may need rests or food breaks!
So if we use this system people can rotate in and out when they desire.

What we have:
5 Xbox Ones, 5 Xbox 360s, One projector, 7 tvs, 2 computer monitors.
12 Xbox One controllers, 11 Xbox 360 controllers

Let the discussion begin!
past events may be found at http://vk.level2199.com

New Epson projector introduces larger than life Master Chief.

Cash Converters, my new favorite store. This time I picked up a used Epson Powerlite 715c for $25, original price $5600 back in 2001. Sure that’s almost twenty years old, but it is fully functional and appears to have a fairly young bulb.

Here are a couple photos of it projecting onto the full basement wall. I hadn’t figured out where the focus was at that point, but I figured it out since then.

I have not thought of a name for this one yet!

Winter preparations

Black Friday 2017 arrived with a sweet deal.  Gamestop was selling used Xbox 360s for $60 with a $60 rebate!  The limit was two per customer, so I got two.  That brings our Xbox 360 count to six systems.  Add that number to our Xbox Ones and we now have a total of eleven systems.  Now to keep things in order, we had to start naming everything.

Cash Converters in Pottstown had an interesting item on their shelves, a forty-eight port managed lan switch.  It took me three trips over three weeks to eventually give in and pay the $16 to buy it. I tested it out and it worked great right off the bat, no configuration needed.  I believe with it’s acquisition lag issues will be a thing of the past. KK said, “We should have a Kumite in January!”

Virtual Kumite 20


Virtual Kumite 20 has come and gone.  There were a few glitches.  Halo 3 lagged for a few combatants.  Halo Reach transported a single system into an isolated parallel gaming dimension.  Despite these issues it was a fantastic event.  Thanks to everyone for coming.

Then there was the lying.  “Oh no, don’t kill me! My screen went blank!”  Sure, of course it did.  Don’t make me have to employee a referee to watch over the event.

Open Champion: Ed (Ivan0003), 2nd place: Crash Ninja KK
Over 30 Champion: Janel (Cake Ninja), 2nd place: Brady (BleedingEyes)
Under 18 Champion: Crash Ninja KK, 2nd place: Liam (Sloth King)
Under 12 Champion: Liam (Sloth King), 2nd place: Faith is Day
Melee king: Rob(PongRocks), Tank King: Daniel(Chewbacca)
Day 2: Family Regicide Event (11.12.17)
Champion: Nadia, 2nd: Crash Ninja KK
Untouchable: Faith is Day


Virtual Kumite 18

July 11, 2015

Young vs old, good vs bad, ghost vs rocket launcher, Pepsi vs Coke.
I have selected an elite squad to participate in our military exercises.
The young:  Aaron, Isaac, Nadia, Caelyn.
The old: Chris, Brady, Nick, Janel, Josh, Jonah, Rob
The probably not comings: Eddie, Junior.
Pizza shall be available for your enjoyment.  Should you have any dietary requirements, do not hesitate to ask.
If you desire a T-shirt, please specify your size.
Pants will not be provided.
We are going multi-school with Halo Master Chief Collection on three screens.  This game includes Halos 1, 2, 3, and 4 multiplayer.

Virtual Kumite 17

The Halo Master Chief Collection has landed. Halo 1, 2, 3, and 4 multiplayer maps all in one package!
Custom grand champion trophy hand crafted by Lady Cake Ninja!


Epic connection problems with Halo : The Master Chief Collection resulted in unplayable games. Parties were torn apart from each other, then hidded, locked, pushed into new parties. It was a disaster! Luckily, we were prepared. It took only a few minutes to connect our three remaining Xbox 360s up and the tournament began in earnest with 16 matches of Halo 3, followed by 8 matches of Halo 4.

Our first batch of players: Nick Phoenix/Nick, Lady Cake Ninja/Janel, Ivan0003/Eddie, VK Meatball/Cruz, VK Guppy/Josh, VK Heman/Jonah (AKA Herman), and VK Eggroll/Rob.
Recuring Juggernaut and Free For All matches were used to gain points and determine team captains. Team captains took turns choosing the remaining players to fill out their rosters. Players then collected points based on team wins. This format worked well to create a good parity of teams.

Reinforcements arrived two thirds of the way into the Halo 3 round. VK Guppy was replaced with Brady, VK The Dude/Isaac, VK Hippo/Paul, and VK Your Face/Aaron. They fought furriously to make up for lost time, but when Guppy announced, quite harsley, “Last game!” an epic match ensued. Team Blind Yellow Lynx defeated the Green Bob Cat Bears Things 600pts to 590pts. a difference of 1 kill.

In the end Eddie won the trophy with 14 points, Paul and Isaac collected Halo posters with their 9 points each.

Now on to plan the next one, and hopefully Halo MCC will have been patched up and be ready to go! My only regret is that we did not get to play Husky Raid. Next time.

Virtual Kumite 13

Virtual Kumite XIII

November 24th, 2007. 7pm

VK XIII – The Old Man and the Kumite — “It’s not how long you live. It’s how well you die!”

In honor of the founder of VK’s birthday, VK13 will be a tribute to him.
Featured custom games include:
(1) VIP – Protect the founder against would be assassins.
(2) Juggernaut – Kill the founder again and again …. and again.
(3) Oddball – Take the founder’s skull and run. Or beat other people senselessly with it.
(4) Territories – Bring your friends to the founder’s favorite places on the map and slay them.
(5) Neutral Bomb Assault – Bring your present to the founder’s base and arm it. Happy Birthday!
(6) Capture the Flag – Is your flag bearer lost on the way to the party? Slay him … and bring the flag yourself.
(7) Crazy King – Find the hill and bury the founder in it.

… and much much more.

No medals. No trophies. When asked why not, the founder says, “Let them eat cake!” (Cake supplied by the Cake Ninja. Please thank her … then slay her.)

Links to the pictures of the cake, and the video can be found via this link!

And the winner is…

The Cake Ninja

Here is are the full final results.

Player Score
Jack Lo 208
Nick Phoenix 305
The Cake Ninja 353
VK Abramo 196
VK Brady X 147
VK Guest (aka John) 287
VK Jonah 104
VK Josh 98
VK Junior 115

Players are linked to Bungie.net Stats.

Weapons trophy winners were:
VK Guest (John) – Sniper Champion
Nick Phoenix – Needler Champion
The Cake Ninja – Melee Champion


Virtual Kumite 12

VK returns for it’s twelfth installment, seven years after the original! Do you have what it takes to claim the trophy? Quite frankly the answer is NO! Please… you have not practiced, you have no Xbox360 or even original Xbox. Face it, you are a loser, and you will continue to lose. But look on the bright side, you make me laugh! You are like a clown. You make Janel laugh very hard, and it is she who is current trophy holder! You think you can beat her? You can’t even come close. However, you may have luck on your side. She may be called to take care of Faith, a handicaping if you will. Do you think you can win that way? We shall see. In the words of Brady, Bring it!

Main Event – Team Halo 2
Teams will be selected at random. The losing team shall draft a player from the winning team in an endless cycle. Winning team shall select the game type.
Team wins will be tallied for each individual. The top players will play a best of three to determine the Kumite Champion.
Xbox Live Friends will be considered for entry, but NOT for any prizes you sandbaggers!

Secondary Events –

Jimmy Foot Challenge – Street Fighter Alpha 3 or Street Fighter 2 Turbo
Old school Street Fighter, just powered
up a little.
Original Character Moves.
All Character Moves.
IGN Guide.

Halo 1 – The Forgotten Maps
Play original Halo matches on Sidewinder, Rat Race, and other original maps.
Free for all play, best two face off for the prize.

Soul Edge – Soul Blade, Soul Calibur 2, or Soul Calibur 3
Pick one game, we don’t have all night to play you know! A few round robin matches while we eat, and then on to the finals.

RESULTS – official scoresheet in MS Excel format.

The spoils.
Halo 1 – The Medal and a Halo pen
Street Fighter – The Headband of Glory! (there’s got to be a cooler name than headband)
– – and Sound drop keychain if they arrive from Hong Kong in time.
Soul Edge – The Samarai Sword leter opener!
Halo 2 – The Trophy and **2** Halo pens
and T-shirts

and Janel’s cookies.

Virtual Kumite 11

 Widening our Horizons

Virtual Kumite XI

Brady on a keyboard and mouse, 37″ widescreen HD lcd in the living room, movie projector in the dining room.
This kumite had everything a kumite can have. Except the tournament.
Halo 2, pizza, Halo, Burnout, pizza, Halo, Fusion Frenzy, Street Fighter 2, MK3, cheese steaks, 1943, Legendary Wings, Gauntlet 2, and Dance Dance Revolution.
But I forgot to give out the pens. I also forgot to finish the flashing medals, we’ll give those out next time.
Thanks for coming everyone, can’t wait for the next one. What technological advancements will it bring?

Also, the doily has been removed from the trophy.


Virtual Kumite 10

Virtual Kumite 10Saturday, November 12th, 2005

Hail to the Queen

For the first time in Virtual Kumite history, the Grand Master is a woman. Yes, you heard me correctly, our Virtual Kumite Champion is a female. She fights like a girl.

Femanistic opinion: Wonderful! Women rock! I think it’s great the women can share in the fun and compete as well as men!

Manistic opinion (commonly reffered to as male chauvinist): WHAT!?!! How can this be? How did this happen?! What is the matter with you people?! Can’t even beat a girl! You have disgraced men everywhere! Who were these dopes who lost? (Nick, Cruz, Jonah, Josh, Enrico)

The players: Nick, Janel, Cruz, Jonah, Josh, Enrico.

Thus concludes the Virtual Kumite. You think YOU have what it takes to dethrone Queen Janel? Bring it! Because right now the Queen is redecorating the Virtual Kumite Trophy in little hearts and lace. That’s right, the trophy for the next kumite will be a DOILY! I hope you are satisfied.


Virtual Kumite 9

Fifth Anniversary!
March 5th, 2005

Virtual Kumite 9, as in 9 players. Too much carnage with 9 people over 3 xboxes? Mel would say yes, but he is a newbie, and he will learn that there is no such thing as too much carnage. But the newbie put the vets to shame by winning two events. Jonacide had stiff competition from Enrico and Matt, yet he is still the man to beat at Halo and Halo 2. Jonah takes home the Kumite Trophy as Kumite Champion.

Too much carnage? No. Too much food? Yes! We may have to ban all food from the next tournament.

Let us hope we have all learned one thing at least. When Junior says “Random?” it is best to respond in the negative.

Nick the media center edition
Cruz the Madagascar of HALO
Jonah the level 7
Josh the tahitian
Mel the virginian
Dann, friend of Jr.
Enrico, friend of Matt
Enrico’s friend Matt
Brady “Where’s jump again?”
Halo 2
Soul Calibur 2Results
Soul Calibur medalist = Mel
Halo 2 teams medalists = Mel and Matt
Halo 2 singles medalist = Jonah
Kumite champion = Jonah

Full Results

“Virtual Kumite The Trophy” is awarded

Virtual Kumite 8 – part 2

February 21st, 2004.

VK8-1 Champion Josh officially changes name to:

“Bring me the head of Cruz”

Results report: 8-16-04 – Well… Much has transpired since that day, I don’t think we stuck to the format, I really can’t recall. I am pretty sure the kumite turned into a large amounts of ONLINE Halo carnage via Xbconnect.
We were each taking turns being eviscerated by people who play the game WAY TOO MUCH!!!

If you have information on this kumite please send it to oldsenileman@nickflor.com.


Kumite Kup

Kumite Cup

Results: Many, many fights broke out before the games. Kilik, Assassin, Talim, and Voldo received game misconducts, and were ejected. Nadia caused a delay of game with her vomiting. She was cleaned up, was doing well, and put back to bed after some bedtime stories.

After the fights and vomit, the Flyers (Josh) beat the Devils (Jonah) 6 to 5.
The Leafs (Jonah) beat the Chili Dogs (Nick) by a large margin.
The Bruins (Josh) beat Poland (Nick).
Jonah’s eyes hurt at this point.
The Bruins (Josh) beat the Wild (Nick).
Therefore the winner can only be Josh.
Josh wins the Kumite Cup in name since an adequate prize cup has not yet been found.

Jonah then proceeded to kill Nick and Josh in 3 rounds of Halo.

Virtual Kumite X

July 5th, 2003. A day to make history. The stage is set on an extremely hot and humid summer day. Out of nowhere comes the storm of malcontent. Angrily the storm batters the power lines to the Stage of History. Several attempts to darken battlefield are needed before the storm achieves success. But eventually the storm leaves, laughing evilly as it goes.

For the first time in history, the Virtual Kumite must be canceled.

Undaunted, the Flor brothers arrive on the scene, hoping power will be restored shortly, and that carnage may be reaped. However, after eating some pizza in the sweltering heat of an unlit apartment they have had enough. Heading for the cooler air outdoors, Nick collects his PSone with lcd screen and plugs it into the jeep’s power outlet. Finally the Kumite can begin!!!

The format has changed however, Soul Blade is our only game. And the test is not completely skill, but endurance. We must survive the relentless heat, the biting insects, and the carbon monoxide from the jeep. Truly a survivor series.

The Results:


Win Loss Win loss Win loss
Josh Jonah Nick Josh Jonah Nick
Jonah Josh Nick Jonah Josh Nick
Josh Jonah Josh Nick


Josh VS Jonah – WINNER – JoshCongratulations to Josh for winning the Soul Blade Master Medal. VK8 part 2 shall be played soon to award the remaining prizes.


Virtual Kumite 7

Virtual Kumite 7

Learning to count was half the battle.

Date: March 1st, 2003.

Format: After some warm ups we had – 1 vs 3 play. The single player’s goal was to get as many points as possible. Those points were added to his total after each game. At the end of round one, the 4 worst players faced off in a rocket launcher match, the winner played the 1st place player the final match.

Initial round: 10 wins to win, 5 lives only.
Second round: Last man standing, rockets only, 5 lives in “The Longest Hall”
Final round: Last man standing, one on one, 3 lives each player, pistols only, in “Battle Creek”.

A single VHS copy of a highly coveted movie! Oh yes, you will want to kill for this prize!

Combatants: King Friday(Cruz), King Saturday(Josh), Destroh-nah(Jonah), The One King(Nick), Through The Portal(Brady)

Results: As with all of my tournament formats, most players were left scratching their heads. Hey, I’m just trying to mix it up and keep it interesting! Anyway, I thought the team play worked well. However true greatness cannot be overcome by sheer numbers. I destroyed the competition again.

After 2 rounds King Saturday was the 2nd place winner. Who was, shortly thereafter, dispatched by No.1, The One King.

Not being one to hog my own fabulous prizes, the Grand Prize went to King Saturday.

(Virtual Kumite 3 was actually the collegiate name for Virtual Kumite 6)

Saturday October, 19th, 2002.
Plasma rifles, pistols, shotguns, grenades, rocket launchers, warthogs, and diplomas.
Choose your weapon. All contestants must wear a cap and gown. Winner gets to payoff financial aid loans.

Virtual Kumite 3…
Nick wins. Enough said.


Virtual Kumite 5

Halo Kumite 2 - The Hunger
(Virtual Kumite 5 was dubbed Halo Kumite 2 to taunt Bill Gates)

August 10th, 2002. 7:00PM

Double the Xboxes means octuple the carnage! Thanks to Enrico we were able to hook up 2 Xboxes for the nastiest Kumite yet. Eight players had at one another simultaneously, game after blood soaked game. The most memorable games involved the aptly named Blood Gulch, and the “Nothing But Rockets” rounds.

The Heroes:

  • Jonah “The Hamburglar” – Gold Medal – Grand Master
  • Brady “Lord of the Cheese Rings” – Silver Medal – Team Champ
  • Cruz “Royale with Cheese” – Silver Medal – Team Champ
  • Josh “Chicken Fingers” – Bronze Medal – Revenge Champ

The Roadkill:

  • Nick “S.P.A.M.”
  • Vince “Veal”
  • Enrico “Super Size it!”
  • Matt “Mystery Meat”

Official Referee:

  • Nadia “Fresh Milk”

Additional info:

Microsoft tried to undermined Halo Kumite 2 by announcing they will hold their own Halo National Championship on the exact same day! I am thankful that Microsoft released Halo, however, nickflor.com will not be defeated! Therefore Halo Kumite 2 went ahead as scheduled. I am issuing an invitation to Bill Gates, join us at the next Halo Kumite and you shall experience the ONE TRUE HALO TOURNAMENT! LONG LIVE VIRTUAL KUMITE!


Project Jonacide

Project Jonacide - Jonah Strikes Back Halo has consumed him. The desire for revenge boils in his very soul. To destroy the Halo Master Chief is his only goal. Jonah has become transformed into Jonacide, Frag Master Apprentice. Driven by a Darkness as black as the armor that adorns him. He grows more powerful every match, and soon I shall not be able to contain him! I must not go over to the Darkness with him! For if I do, then no one shall stand before the combined will of the Flor Brothers and not wet his pants.

I shall keep a log of the battles waged, so that you may see to which side the balance is shifted. Darkness or Light…

date game type winner
03-19-02 25 Frags – Rockets Jonacide
03-19-02 2 minute hold the skull Nisk
03-19-02 2 minute time accumulation Nisk
03-19-02 3 round capture the flag Nisk
03-19-02 Reverse tag Jonacide
03-19-02 15 Frags – Snipers Nisk
03-31-02 Jonah brought Josh, Beth, and Stacy to try and distract me
and tilt the odds in his favor.
After an initial win, he was once again
put in his place with a couple crushing
defeats by me. Actually it was very close.
03-31-02 10 Frags – Wizard Jonacide
03-31-02 10 Frags – Damnation – no snipe Nisk
03-31-02 15 Frags – Battle Creek – snipe Nisk


Virtual Kumite 4

(Frag Fest 1 translates to Virtual Kumite 4 in Swedish.)

February 23rd, 2002
The tournaments are coming faster and faster now, and Microsoft Xbox brings us new technology for our gaming pleasure.
Breaking from hand to hand fighting games, we move to the first person shooter front for the first time.
Halo for XboxPlayers
Brady, Cruz, Jonah, Josh, Nick

Players enjoyed 4 player mode for the first time. Scoring Kills + Assists – Deaths, the game became horrifically unbalanced. By the end of the first 5 rounds, Nick had 33, the next highest score was 2, and then scores went into negative numbers. So we scraped the scoring and everyone just tried to kill Nick. Nick versus 3 players at a time! The other players rotated in, and everyone failed, even at capture the flag! But that’s to be expected, Nick had 3 targets and the team only had one.
I must admit I did expect to win this tournament, every other player except Jonah had never played before, and I had been playing for weeks. That had something to do with skipping the trophy. Instead of a trophy we had a Surprise package from Archie Mcphee. Finger puppet roaches, glow in the dark skulls, gila monsters, growing body parts, and glow in the dark spaghetti and meat balls. These are a few of my favorite things!

In spite of the unbalance, Brady’s cries of “No! One more time!”, Cruz’s anger, and Josh’s skydiving, I believe this will be the preferred game for the next tournament! Jonah already scheduled a rematch for three days after!

Excel spreadsheet planned tournament.


Virtual Kumite 3

kumite 2.5
(VK2.5 was renamed VK3 due to poor understanding of the decimal system.)
(no sloths were injured in the playing of this tournament)

December 1, 2001. I couldn’t wait, we had to have another Kumite. And this tournament would introduce for the first time Gaming Battle Couch Yamato, the largest blue couch ever constructed! This would be the perfect opportunity for Cruz to seek his revenge. This tournament was dubbed Virtual Kumite 2 1/2 : Battle on the Big Blue Couch – Vengeance is Served.

Soul Calibur for Dreamcast

Aaron, Brady, Cruz, Jonah, Josh, Nick, and Vince

The tournament took on a single game but with an epic new twist. Three rounds were fought. The first round depended on random character selections. The second round saw players choosing characters with no restrictions. Points were awarded to players that determined how the third round was played. The third round was named the Gauntlet. The Gauntlet required the highest-ranking player to defeat every other player until all were defeated or point accumulations pushed another player into first.

Epic and Grueling, the Gauntlet was the longest part of the tournament. Spectators cheered, chanted, and yelled. Some spectators begged for an end. Finally as Cruz met his last combatant, Josh faltered with fatigue, and Cruz became the Grand Master of Kumite 2 1/2!

Excel spreadsheet, with results, used for the tournament.


Josh, Brady, Jonah, Cruz, Vince

Virtual Kumite 2

March 3rd, 2001. Virtual Kumite 2 : Soul Kumite.

Soul Blade for Playstation and Soul Calibur for Dreamcast

The magnificent seven participants were; Nick, Cruz, Brady, Jonah, Josh, Vince, and Aaron.

The Grand Master was Nick, the runner up was Cruz. There was some controversy as the final deciding battle was chosen on the fly and favored Nick. Cruz’s revenge boiled away inside of him. He would taste vengeance one day.


Virtual Kumite the Original

Virtual Kumite, the original! Feb. 2000

Cruz did not wear a tux to the tournament.
Street Fighter 2 for SNES, Mortal Kombat Trilogy, for Playstation, Soul Blade for Playstation, and Soul Calibur for Dreamcast.Players
Nick, Brady, Cruz, and Aaron

This was the first time a tournament had been convened. A trophy, similar to the one pictured under VK2, was crafted as reward proclaiming its owner Virtual Kumite Grand Master. I don’t remember how we played or kept score, but in the end Cruz ruled undisputedly as Grand Master!

Kumite Events Style Winner Runner up
1: Street Fighter II Turbo Choose set character Brady Cruz
  All same character Brady Cruz
  Never same twice Nick Brady
2: Mortal Kombat Trilogy Choose set character Cruz Nick
  Never same twice Cruz Nick
3: Soul Calibur Choose set character Cruz Nick
  Never same twice Brady Nick
4: Soul Blade Choose set character Cruz Aaron
  Never same twice Cruz Brady
Points Aarron Brady Cruz Nick Winner
Street Fighter II Turbo 0 7 2 3 Brady
Mortal Kombat Trilogy 0 0 6 2 Cruz
Soul Calibur 0 3 3 2 Brady/Cruz
Soul Blade 1 1 6 0 Cruz
Totals 1 11 17 7 Cruz


Nicknames from ages past

Nicknames – really old list

Virtual Kumite 2.5 – Brady’s, Cruz’s, Nick’s, and Aaron’s were self chosen
Cruz The Round Mound of Rebound
Brady The Last Diademed Battle Lord
Jonah The Impaler
Vince The Destroyer
Nick The Spleen Eater
Josh The Annihilator
Aaron Amazing Thumbs

Frag Fest 1 – before the tournament
Cruz The Edge Master / The Insane Clown
Brady Bust-A-Cap
Vince The Vindicator
Josh The Edge Meister
Jonah The Jumper
Nick The Man with a Plan / time for Plan B
Frag Fest 1 – AFTER the tournament
Cruz “Somebody get him!”
Vince the No Show
Josh The Skydiver
Jonah Stealth
Nick The Unstoppable

Virtual Kumite 7 King Friday – Cruz
King Saturday – Josh
Destroh-nah – Jonah
The One King – Nick
The Portal Man – Brady